The SMART LAMP is a self assembled solar torch. Build your own lamp in a solar training, at school, at the boy scouts or at home.
The kit contains all parts to solder the main board and connect the solar panels, the rechargeable batteries, the switch and the LEDs. Solder first the 'core' of your lamp and then integrate it in whatever cool case you want to give it! This can be a transparent box, a shampoo bottle, an old torch, a tennis ball (!), etc. etc. Find many ideas on our facebook page.

There are two versions of the lamp: SINGLE with one LED and one rechargeable battery (if building a funny gadget is your main goal) and the MULTI with four LEDs and 3 rechargeable batteries (if you plan to seriously use it as torch...).

Soldered kit plus cool case = SMART LAMP:

Soldered kit
Cool case

Smartlamp kits are made and sold by ExSol (Michael Götz), they come in bags of 10 or in single bags: Please ask for a quote by email to . There is a special price for boy scout groups and for Greenpeace volunteer groups*.

* The reason: our lamps have been developed within the joint project by the boy scouts and Greenpeace 'Scouts go Solar'.

Download zone - construction manuals:

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